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Ntention are building a system of interaction between the people and the machines that is user centered – not machine centered. The machine will understand the user – not the other way around. Our goal is to understand the intent of the user and translate it to machines. This is how we are moving beyond motion capture and into the world of intention capture.

The Astronaut Smart Glove, the AR-glasses, and its software solution is a prototype of a product that is intended to be used by astronauts during space missions. A future version of the system will include the necessary build quality and reliability so that it can be utilized in both extra/intra-vehicular activities. The current prototype is able to remotely control a set of commercially available drones, but a future version of the product should be able to interact with several relevant systems. An example may be a Rover or a robot arm. The most important part is the interaction system allowing the astronaut in a pressurized EVA suit to interact with several different systems through hand gestures combined with a video feed in the helmet.

Key products and services:

  • The Astronaut Smart Glove
  • The HuMI Smart Glove

Contact person: Moina Tamuly