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Solstorm Rocket Propulsion

The global economic downturn that began in 2008 has driven decision-makers of legacy space programmes to consider more effective and profitable methods to build, launch and operate satellite systems. Naturally, there has been a surge of interest in how smallsats play into the equation of lower-cost space architectures, because the spacecraft development costs for these smaller systems are significantly lower than for larger aggregated systems. As the commercial space industries’ market matures, we see smaller and smaller satellites being built and an increasing demand for small satellite launchers providing dedicated launches.

Solstorm Rocket Propulsion grew out of propulsion research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). After inquiries from actors in the private spaceflight market, engineers from the Propulsion Programme formed Solstorm to commercialize the technology and provide eco-friendly hybrid rocket engines for the smallsat launcher market.

Key products in portfolio:

  • (in development) B.A.L.D.R. Engine
    – thrust: 25 kN
    – fuel: thermoplastics
    – oxidizer: N₂O

Contact person(s)

  • Halvor B. Veiby, Managing Director
  • Hans Theodor Johnsen, Chief of Research


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