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Manny Shar is the Head of Analytics at Bryce Space & Technology, leading consulting engagements for government and commercial clients, having built up Bryce’s presence in Europe from the ground up into a revenue generating and successful business. He has worked across the board on innovative projects from early stage investment to commercial model development in the satellite communications sector, previously managing the analysis for a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of assets and carrying out cross-functional strategic business development activities for Inmarsat.

Manny provides expert guidance on a number of topics, including launch demand assessment, spaceports and spaceflight development costs, and technology forecasting. He is also a co-founder of the London Space Network, which hosts monthly networking events with the goal of strengthening the UK space community. Manny advises space start-ups, providing strategic business and technical advice and is a qualified mentor for the initiative. He is a member of numerous working groups and committees, including the IAF Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee.

Manny holds a master’s degree in space studies from the International Space University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Kent.


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