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Rolf Skatteboe is president/CEO of Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT), a Norwegian company providing services for satellite operation and control and satellite based applications.

KSAT based in Tromsø, Norway owns and operates ground stations located at 23 locations world wide, including Antarctica and the Arctic. KSAT operates 180 antenna with 50.000 contacts pr. month. KSAT ground network is optimized for TT&C (Telemetri tracking & Control), launch support, as well as data reception and Near real time Earth Observation services.

KSAT is the largest provider of near-real time marine monitoring services using information from SAR satellites, including ship and oil spill detection and ice monitoring. KSAT has 220 employees and annual turnover of 100 MEuro.

Rolf was one of the founders of KSAT and has been CEO since the start 2002. He worked with at the Norwegian Space Agency for 10 years. He was responsible for the development of the Svalbard ground station

Rolf is MSc, Medical Physics and Biomedical engineering, Norwegian Institute of Technology, 1984 and MSc, GeoPhysics, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, 1994. He has management courses at Norwegian University of Business and Economics. He holds various board positions.