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The Arctic University of Norway, UiT

The Arctic University of Norway, UiT

At present, Narvik University College is the only Institution in Norway that offers Bachelor and Master programmes in the field of Satellite engineering. After a 3 year Bachelor program the Masters course continue for 2 years.

The course provides basic knowledge in satellite technology, as electronics, instrumentation and design of components especially for demanding environments, programming, electronic communication, Wave propagation, antennas, signal and image processing, physics of outer space, environmental surveillance, earth observation. Both programs are broad and as such qualifies a finished engineer for a wide area of business opportunities also outside of space technology. Former students have been active at international scientific conferences and have received recognition for several large space projects.

The course qualifies the candidate for research education (PhD). Narvik University College offers such education in collaboration with universities in Norway and Sweden.

Through the programs, an extensive collaboration with NAROM/Andøya Space Center gives a platform for practical work.

HIN-students have over the years participated in national and international student satellite-projects in which to cube-satellites have been launched (NCube and HINCube). They have also participated in student-projects within ESA in cooperation with European universities and. In the ESPRIT-project they cooperated with Pen-State University in which a payload for a rocket was developed.

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Integrering av nyttelast i studentrakett ved NAROM/Andøya Space Centre