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Partner in science & technology

Science [&] Technology AS is specialised in project implementations and product develop­­ments where science and technology play an important role. Our services consist of:

  • Delivering reliable software solutions
  • Developing data products & services
  • Delivering short-term and long-term staff for your projects

Our team of professionals consists almost exclusively of PhD and MSc engineers that combine a high level of systems engineering with their science skills. This is what makes us unique in the market. Our drive is to provide our customers with innovative, reliable and user-friendly solutions for complex problems.

Get the most out of your sensor data

S[&]T provides software technologies and services that allow you to get the most out of your sensor data. This ranges from development of individual components to the implementation of full data processing solutions.

Many of our data processing projects are in the field of Earth Observation and are run through either ESA or the European Union. Types of projects include satellite data processors, end-user toolboxes, data analysis and visualization systems, and instrument calibration and data validation software.

Key aspects

  • We know your domain: the combination of science and software engineers enables S[&]T to understand, analyze and communicate technical requirements for data processing, and provide a robust and high-performance implementation.
  • Advanced data analysis techniques: whether you want to detect molecules in the output of a single-particle mass-spectrometer, simulate data produced by Earth Observation instruments, or detect risks in the road infrastructure which might affect operational planning, we know how to create the software that can help you do this.
  • Reuse of in-house technologies: with the technology build-up over our past projects we have developed a set of products that can now be reused to implement your solutions both faster and more cost-efficient.
  • Open source and cross-platform expertise: in case you want to make your solution available as open source software or if it needs to work in a cross-platform environment (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, etc.), we have the expertise.

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Managing Director


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Business Developer