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T & G Elektro

T&G is a distributor of a wide selection of products within fiber and copper technology including contacts, cable systems, measuring equipment and connectors for circuits boards. The company develop products and solutions to both the military and the civilian markets.

In 2009 T&G started working on an avionic program for an aircraft manufacturer for routing several optical fibers on a very limited space. The idea of a new special fiber optical harness was established: Fiber Optical Flexible Routing Assembly (FOFRA). FOFRA needs to be flexible, compact, light weight/low mass, meet the avionic environmental conditions and be able to route the fibers in complex patterns. The development of the automated FOFRA production for aerospace was completed in November 2015. T&G is now working to qualify this product forthe space environment.

In May 2013 the PROBA-V satellite was launched with T&G’s fiber technology as payload and thus marked itself as an important player in the space industry. Today T&G works with other fiber projects for ESA as well as Norwegian and European space industry.

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Mr. Martin Grimsgaard

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