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Centre for Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial Testing (CEXTT) will perform testing and prospecting on borehole cores for construction and mining industry on both terrestrial and extraterrestrial sites.

The company is based on the creation of more efficient procedures for testing, developed through the “interdisciplinary testing framework” (I.T.F.), which was developed through the Doctoral research project by Miss Frida Vonstad at University College London (UCL). This project has been ongoing since 2016 in collaboration with industry. The research develops a method framework for interdisciplinary testing, creating overlap between geological disciplines for advantageous methodologies. The research has been tested on the highway project E39 in Norway by the Norwegian Roads Authority, in collaboration with UCL, Oxford University, Brighton University and external advice from Imperial College London. Through the doctoral research the results show that the application of the interdisciplinary framework reduces time and costs related to borehole core testing, reduces risk in groundwork and strongly reduces the amount of material needed for a broad dataset recovery.

The Centre for Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial Testing is currently focused on the development of two rovers, one for terrestrial useage to show concept and encourage environmentally friendly options in the market, and one for potential placement on the moon. We are also working on a unique return sample system, and the construction of a BSL 4 laboratory for extraterrestrial material testing and storage.

Key products and services:

  • Interdisciplinary testing of borehole cores for construction, including full geotechnical, geological and geoarchaeological analysis of a project, with increased efficiency based on ongoing results from the site and a reduction in archaeological risk for delay.
  • Interdisciplinary testing of borehole cores for mining industry, full prospecting, geotechnical analysis and geological analysis of areas of interest.
  • Interdisciplinary testing of extraterrestrial material tailored with disciplinary parameters chosen by the client relating to their research goals, such as geotechnical analysis or samples for astrobiological investigations that can be performed in our laboratories.
  • Full prospecting of relevant areas for mining on other planets or asteroids, based on current data on potential areas of interest, initially offered for the lunar surface.
  • Technology development for mining and construction

Contact person(s)

Frida Vonstad

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