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Rocket Grace

Rocket Grace was established as a limited liability company in 2016 to create activities and channels that promote Norwegian and international space operations, and the value the space industry can represent as a platform for faster industrial innovation and sustainable value creation in society. Important goals for the company are to contribute to increased visibility and knowledge of the opportunities that the space industry represents for other sectors and for students & young start-ups, and ultimately contribute to increased activity in the Norwegian space industry. Rocket Grace also takes on consultancy commissions for companies and organisations in the space sector, if time and resources make it possible.

Largest activity for the company is the development and implementation of the Conference and communication channels associated with Spaceport Norway, which was first held in 2017 and has since been held annually. Spaceport Norway is Rocket Grace’s main brand.

Key support players for Spaceport Norway: Norwegian Space Agency, European Space Agency, International Astronautical Federation, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, NASA, Andoya Space Center, Nammo, NTNU Small Satellite Lab Spacewatch Global, Conventor, CIRiS, KONGSBERG SEATEX, SINTEF, IDEAS, Eidel etc .

The Spaceport Norway has experienced a healthy year-by-year growth as a communication channel and meeting arena since its inception, and is today the largest space business event in the Nordic region. Spaceport Norway has over 6000 followers and subscribers in social media and newsletters, and reaches over 200.000 readers in Europe a month through organic and paid communications.

Spaceport Norway 2020 will be arranged 9-10 September at Clarion Hotel Oslo, in Oslo, Norway.

Key products and services:

  • Strategy development
  • Innovation Processes and Leadership
  • Concept development
  • Strategic communication
  • Design services (graphical, interaction, video)
  • Channel development (web, social media, physical touchpoints)


Kontaktperson: Ole Dokka