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november, 2017

28nov - 30nov 2800:00nov 30Conference on Big Data From Space - BiDS'17



Big Data from Space refers to the massive spatio-temporal Earth and Space observation data collected by space-borne and ground based sensors, and to synergetic use of data coming from other sources and communities. This domain is currently facing sharp development with numerous new initiatives and breakthroughs ranging from intelligent sensors to data science. These developments are empowering new approaches and applications in various and diverse domains influencing life on earth, from sensing cities. monitoring human settlements and urban areas to climate change and security.

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The registration to the Conference is now open. Please click here to register for the Conference on Big Data From Space – BiDS’17

Language and fees

The official language of the Conference is English. No participation fees will be charged. Participants are expected to finance their own travel and accommodation expenses.


28 (Tirsdag) 00:00 - 30 (Torsdag) 00:00


Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis

11 esplanade Compans Cafarelli BP 88517 31685 Toulouse cedex 6