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Eidsvoll Electronics AS

Eidsvoll Electronics AS, EIDEL, has designed and delivered products and control systems for the industrial, military and aerospace markets since 1966. The expertise covers both hardware system definition and software designs, for standard products as well as custom designs. A key element is combining customer requirements with state-of-the-art technology into reference quality products.

To achieve success EIDEL is keeping focus on cooperation together with other Norwegian and foreign companies, with complementary technology and products. In this manner we will be able to provide a more competitive and complete system for future delivery.

The EIDEL portfolio ranges from complete high performance test systems including both airborne and ground equipment, to stand-alone products.

Interest: In the military defence sector, the business idea is to supply remote control and management equipment for major communication systems primarily to the armed forces in Norway but also abroad. Secure communication closely linked to cryptography and tactical data links is a significant part of the defence activity. The Remote Crypto Distribution system RCDS ® and the secure data link with E5354 EDDAS Crypto Unit is the latest key defence and aerospace products.

Within the aerospace segment, the activity covers study, design and delivery of scientific instruments and data control systems. Both flight hardware and ground support equipment are targeted areas, the main focus being security and telemetry aspects. The EDDAS – “EIDEL Distributed Data Acquisition System” is the latest key aerospace product.

EIDEL delivers scientific instruments and data acquisition to the space segment. EIDEL has delivered ground support and test system. Current development is the m-NLP multi needle Langmuir probe instrument through ESA GSTP program. The instrument is selected by ESA to be used as a standard item on satellites in the SSA – Space Situation Awareness program. EIDEL will space qualify the m-NLP system for 10 years of operation on satellites in Low Earth Orbit.

Keywords: Secure Data Links, Data Collection Systems, Radio Control Systems, Data display systems, encryption systems (Authentication, Integrity and Confidentiality), System engineering, Research and Studies

Contact person: Truls O. Andersen
Phone: +47 951 30 341